The union of innovation, research and tradition gives life to Marturano Arte Pasticcera.Real artisan creations, which master pastry chefs experiment every day in the laboratory to create new recipes, using the cold chain. The result is new products that respond to the evolving consumer trends, but which respect the company’s founding values: quality, craftsmanship and innovation.

  • We use carefully selected raw materials and ingredients;
  • We prepare our desserts by hand and finish them with great passion
  • We always create new products with original proposals
mandorle frutti di bosco gelato


Neapolitan pastry tradition

We in Marturano are passionate about our pastry art, we love our territory, its typical products and every day we try to tell, with our products, the story of our beloved land to enhance and make known our wonderful Naples.

panettoni natalizi marturano, pistacchio, gianduia, crema e amarene, mandorlato albicocche
Dolce Mandorlato aragonese crema amarena



For an excellent result, the preparation of the dough and mixes is the starting point for everything!Thanks to a careful selection of refined and quality ingredients that we use for our products, the processing of our desserts is delicate and carried out with passion and care for a maximum yield, tasty and intense at the same time.

Le Monoporzioni

More recent and very popular at all ages … single-portion desserts are ideal for small “sweet” cuddles. In addition to being good, they are beautiful to look at and taste at any time. They are desserts in single portions to be savored on all occasions, real mini-cakes that satisfy everyone’s palate, decorated by hand and with the utmost care, following the cold chain. Produced daily, they are the ideal products to serve in places such as bars and restaurants.

Le Torte

What better product to offer to celebrate special events, to conclude dinners or lunches or simply to indulge in a sin of gluttony. Many ingredients are used and combined together to satisfy any palate. Marturano Arte Pasticcera offers a wide choice: from traditional cakes to the most surprisingly innovative ones!

The Babà

Marturano offers its street food version of babà: a dessert of the Neapolitan pastry tradition changes its appearance to become more practical and therefore taste it at any time of day on the street, at the bar, wherever you are. A baba soaked in rum, layered in a glass with Chantilly cream paired with gianduia chocolate, pistachio cream or strawberries. 

Available in glass and plastic.

The Buccaccielli

A new concept of taste in jar format, O’Buccacciell Marturano is a product that contains in a small jar or “buccacciello” a creamy delicacy to be enjoyed, to be consumed at the bar or wherever you want, using a simple spoon. Made in Naples, a city with a gastronomic history known all over the world, our Buccaccielli will satisfy the most varied palates, thanks to the different flavors: chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio and many others.

Location in Via Campana 252, Pozzuoli (NA)